Navajo Nation Economic Summit

2023 Summit Theme: Empowering the Future for the Diné People

Six summit tracks for a selection of sessions and activities that focuses on important or emerging issues. Follow one or several tracks that interest you the most.


Delivering water, electricity and broadband to the Navajo People is important for the Nygren Administration. More than the basic infrastructure, a reliable infrasutructure is needed to attract new businesses and large commercial projects on the Navajo Nation.


The Navajo Nation is long dependent on the fossil fuel revenue. What is next for the Navajo Nation in the new energy economy? In March, the Nygren administration implemented the 2013 Energy Policy to review energy projects for the Navajo Nation. These projects may include large-scale energy projects to the use of timber for our biofuels or the proposed hydrogen energy hub. Developing renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, geothermal and biomass are all a part of the energy policy.


Delivering direct services to the Navajo Nation is the goal of the Nygren administration. How can we spur economic development in each of the Navajo Nation's 110 communities. Learn more about the Division of Economic Development services deployed throughout the Nation and how we want to empower the local communities with our Division services in these communties.

Export and Trade

Tourism is the largest export for the Navajo Nation. Visitors spend money from other parts of the country and other parts of the world. Having revenue brought in from outside the community is an important part of economic development. How can we promote our existing exports and attract capital from outside the Navajo Nation for projects on the Navajo Nation?


Small business owners and entrepreneurs deserve every chance to succeed. The Navajo Nation wants to develop and support its entrepreneurs. At the Navajo Nation Economic Summit, we bring together Navajo business owners with the resources to share best practices and encourage Navajo business ownership.


Agriculture and livestock have always been a part of the evolution of Navajo people and the Navajo economy.

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